Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Poem Night Sounds

Night Sounds

There was the sound that

seemed to them

like angels singing

but imaginations run deep

with shepherds

who spend long

nights waiting

for dawn

But this night dawn came

early, for the sounds

were accompanied by

dancing lights that seemed

like fire that

wanted to burn away

the fear that

filled them

“Do not be afraid,” the night sounds


and then spoke

of great joy that would

fill all the silences

that had been

waiting to be filled

including those

of lowly shepherds

And so they made their

own night sounds with

words that said

they would go down into

the sleepy town

that was so silent

but seemed to be

waiting on them

to come

And now the child waits

for you to listen

to the night sounds

because he wants to speak

into your fear

and say to you

that angels’ voices

spoke truth….

“Unto you is born a savior”

Jody Seymour

Christmas 2013