Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year Poem

Step Forward…Slowly
(a poem for the New Year)

Ah, there you are with your
arms wide open
You bid me to step forward
Your hand raised as a caution
to guide me for
you know my desire
to run

You know me because your
memory has witnessed my haste
Times I should have walked
open eyed
Instead I have hurried to
arrive only to
find myself
weary from the journey

So you are new, again
and you offer fresh hope
if I see instead of
just looking
How much did I miss
in your past offerings
because of my

You want me to make it
better for all
not just for me and mine
You wait
as I must before I start to

And what is this you whisper
to me in my waiting?
“Make it truly
the gift of a new year
…this time”

Jody Seymour