Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Poem of Reflection for Mother's Day

Through the Pain
(a poem of reflection on Mother’s Day)

It began with pain, that
beginning you gave
From you came that first
breath granting
new life to a
wonder filled bundle
of flesh

Tiny fingers soon reached
your way, seeking
Not knowing the pain
that sill surrounded
the moment of your
granting of life
to a child

Ahead would be days of teaching
and days of forgetting
For those of us who received
your gift
of creation
had life to live
and plans to make
and so we did

But on this day we pause
to remember your gift
You were our source made
from love and hope
and yes from pain
So thank you
as we whisper
the word,

Jody Seymour
for Mother’s Day 2017