Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Poem of Reflection for Mother's Day

Through the Pain
(a poem of reflection on Mother’s Day)

It began with pain, that
beginning you gave
From you came that first
breath granting
new life to a
wonder filled bundle
of flesh

Tiny fingers soon reached
your way, seeking
Not knowing the pain
that sill surrounded
the moment of your
granting of life
to a child

Ahead would be days of teaching
and days of forgetting
For those of us who received
your gift
of creation
had life to live
and plans to make
and so we did

But on this day we pause
to remember your gift
You were our source made
from love and hope
and yes from pain
So thank you
as we whisper
the word,

Jody Seymour
for Mother’s Day 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Poem

Remember what is what like to catch lighting bugs when you were a child?  You found a mason jar and punched holes in the lid and then captured the "light" and then you could go out at night and watch the light in your jar go on and off.  Here is an Easter poem inspired by the memory.

No Light in a Bottle
A poem for Easter

Caught were they by
my childhood glee
The lightning bugs of
Spring were mine
for the taking

So one dark day long
ago another capture happened
Death bottled up the
light and sealed
the jar tight

Darkness held the light
and laughter prevailed
But the maker of
the light
would not have it so

For what was in the
jar was not
the tiny lights of
creation at play
in the evening

No, this was the lighting
of God’s love
And there would be
no bottling up of
of this light

This would be no light
in a bottle
So a clap of thunder
sounded and seals
were broken
and the light
of the world
was released

Resurrection is

Jody Seymour/Easter 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Poem for the Lenten Season

Through the Wilderness

            As a pastor something I have heard over the years from people going through tough times is, “Why is this happening to me?  Where is God in all this?”  I listen to their story and then gently ask them, “Have you ever wondered why there is so much wilderness and exile in the Bible?  You see, the journey goes through the wilderness.”

Through the Wilderness

Why do you lead me through
the wilderness?
My map shows another way
no turns or bends
yet straight
to my contentment

Yet you say the hard way
is best for me
To strip away the weight
that has settled
around my all too
satisfied soul

You bid me to kneel and
remember that I
Am mere dust gathered
for a time and
then blown away
by the wind

Yet for this dust you died
on a distant hill
Your way was through
the wilderness
and you went there
for me when
I get lost

There is leaning in the
wilderness of Lent
That cannot be found on
the highway where
we go so fast
and fail to see

“Front dust you came and
to dust you shall return…”
But O how you love
the dust

 Jody/Lent 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year Poem

Step Forward…Slowly
(a poem for the New Year)

Ah, there you are with your
arms wide open
You bid me to step forward
Your hand raised as a caution
to guide me for
you know my desire
to run

You know me because your
memory has witnessed my haste
Times I should have walked
open eyed
Instead I have hurried to
arrive only to
find myself
weary from the journey

So you are new, again
and you offer fresh hope
if I see instead of
just looking
How much did I miss
in your past offerings
because of my

You want me to make it
better for all
not just for me and mine
You wait
as I must before I start to

And what is this you whisper
to me in my waiting?
“Make it truly
the gift of a new year
…this time”

Jody Seymour