Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ah Freedom A poem/prayer for Independence Day

Ah Freedom
(a poem/prayer for Independence Day)

The land of the free-
words from a song
and even as they echo
in the air
one wonders who is

Blood stained beaches
are haunting reminders
that freedom is more than
words in creeds
or mottoes on

Our land of the free has
a complex past
still sometimes chained
to a dark memory
where slaves sang
sad songs

But every family has to
learn from its past
O God of all, help us
turn toward the
light that you love
to offer

Ah freedom…it should be
for all who breathe
Tis a gift not to be
of slight but cherished
and held
with reverence

My freedom is linked to
yours indeed
for above our waving flag
there waits a Creator
who longs for all
to be able to whisper,
“Ah, freedom…”
Jody Seymour 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Poem for Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up I wrote a poem based on a special memory I have of arriving late one foggy night at the train station in Salisbury NC.  I was eight years old and my father had moved up to North Carolina six months ahead of Mom and I coming from our home in Mississippi.  He came to take a new job and to “prepare a place for us.”  When we arrived I stood at the steps of the train looking into the fog only to see the shadowy figure of a person standing beneath a lamp post.  The poem tells the story of what happened next.

Waiting Arms
(a poem for Father’s Day)

I looked into the fog
of unknowing
My mother’s hand holding
mine to keep
my heart from
leading me

In the dark there was
but one light
radiant but limited
in its vision
of the figure

Was it him, the one who
went before us
to prepare a place
But then it could be
some stranger
filled with harm
not care

Breaking away from her
grasp of me
I ran toward the
filled with both
fear and hope

Pleas came from my frightened
mother bidding me
to stop my
foolish journey
And I did
and an empty pause
left me alone

Then I looked toward
the shadowy light
And a distant figure
spread his arms
awaiting a child
of the night

I ran toward those
open arms
to be held with love
no longer distant
Waiting arms told
me this
was no stranger
I was in the embrace
of my father

Jody Seymour

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tender Love: A poem for Mother's Day

Tender Love
(A poem in memory of my mother and in honor of all mothers)

That day you held me
wet with my tears
I begged you to not take
me to some stranger
So with needle and thread
you stitched my
bleeding knee

Now the scar so beautiful
and old reminds me
of tender love
so often given

You sang of bluebirds
flying through gardens
And tiny spiders that
climbed spouts
only to be washed away
by words and rain

You struggled with a body
that would not aide
your spirit that longed
to love and give
But the limitations of flesh
could not hold back
that tender love

One evening after yet another
feast from your table
you sat in that chair where
so many songs were sung
And while reading some book
that would never
be finished
You slipped away to another world
where bluebirds and spiders
play forever

You are missed dear mother
But O you are not
For your tender love
resides in me
and those
I love

Jody Seymour
Mother’s Day 20`8

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Poem I wrote last year for Mother's Day

Through the Pain
(a poem of reflection on Mother’s Day)
It began with pain, that
beginning you gave
From you came that first
breath granting
new life to a
wonder filled bundle
of flesh
Tiny fingers soon reached
your way, seeking
Not knowing the pain
that sill surrounded
the moment of your
granting of life
to a child
Ahead would be days of teaching
and days of forgetting
For those of us who received
your gift
of creation
had life to live
and plans to make
and so we did
But on this day we pause
to remember your gift
You were our source made
from love and hope
and yes from pain
So thank you
as we whisper
the word,
Jody Seymour