Friday, February 24, 2017

A Poem for the Lenten Season

Through the Wilderness

            As a pastor something I have heard over the years from people going through tough times is, “Why is this happening to me?  Where is God in all this?”  I listen to their story and then gently ask them, “Have you ever wondered why there is so much wilderness and exile in the Bible?  You see, the journey goes through the wilderness.”

Through the Wilderness

Why do you lead me through
the wilderness?
My map shows another way
no turns or bends
yet straight
to my contentment

Yet you say the hard way
is best for me
To strip away the weight
that has settled
around my all too
satisfied soul

You bid me to kneel and
remember that I
Am mere dust gathered
for a time and
then blown away
by the wind

Yet for this dust you died
on a distant hill
Your way was through
the wilderness
and you went there
for me when
I get lost

There is leaning in the
wilderness of Lent
That cannot be found on
the highway where
we go so fast
and fail to see

“Front dust you came and
to dust you shall return…”
But O how you love
the dust

 Jody/Lent 2017