Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Poem

Remember what is what like to catch lighting bugs when you were a child?  You found a mason jar and punched holes in the lid and then captured the "light" and then you could go out at night and watch the light in your jar go on and off.  Here is an Easter poem inspired by the memory.

No Light in a Bottle
A poem for Easter

Caught were they by
my childhood glee
The lightning bugs of
Spring were mine
for the taking

So one dark day long
ago another capture happened
Death bottled up the
light and sealed
the jar tight

Darkness held the light
and laughter prevailed
But the maker of
the light
would not have it so

For what was in the
jar was not
the tiny lights of
creation at play
in the evening

No, this was the lighting
of God’s love
And there would be
no bottling up of
of this light

This would be no light
in a bottle
So a clap of thunder
sounded and seals
were broken
and the light
of the world
was released

Resurrection is

Jody Seymour/Easter 2017

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